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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Man of Many Thoughts


As I read through The History of Western Philosophy I come to make a realization. As I started the CoPhilosophy class last week, I walked in without really thinking I had a favorite philosopher. I just knew many different Philosophies. But reading more about Socrates I come to realize his ideas are quite realistic in my opinion and I enjoy reading about his past above the others. One such ideal I read on page 88 dealt with politics. The book merely states that Socrates “goes on to say that in politics no honest man can live long” which can be said about even todays political game. Now I do not dabble in politics (much like Socrates) mostly because it’s a very touchy subject for anyone involved. But corruption and bribery are real things that have been found numerous times. That’s all I will state on that matter. Socrates continues to even state that he had a little voice in his head that “never commands me to anything” but it did forbid him from other things. Could this be considered a godly presence? If so, that could contradict what he was accused of before being put to death. His “corruption” of the young minds was merely an awaking into a new school of thought that many simpletons could not comprehend or chose not to comprehend out of spite or fear. With the many enemies Socrates made, it is no wonder that the simplest thing would lead to his doom or downfall in the eyes of the people. Although his death was not horrific as many would think mostly because Socrates sought comfort in the unknowns of the afterlife where many today find uncertainty and fear. All of could use that same conviction in life, the idea that making a certain choice could be a lot better than the worse idea on the planet.

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