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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

H2 Peripatetic Walk

The Universe Isn't Here to be Benevolent

In today's discussion of, "if there is other life out there willing to help us, will they?" the surrounding topics were much more expressed in our group. What I mean by this is that sure there may be life out there willing to help the humans on earth back on their feet if it all goes to hell, but there has to be a population on earth for them to save. America, along with the rest of the world, is traveling down a self-destructive path of war mongering and taking other's opinions too seriously. Sure, there is another possibly inhabitable planet floating around in the great UNKNOWN, as it is clear that we, as a race of humans, know very little about what is out there in the great starry beyond. All we know is that the inevitability of the sun swallowing the earth in a billion years or so, but our time spent here before then may be the ultimate demise before the sun can to its worst. Neil DeGrasse Tyson speaks out against the under-funding of NASA, which is quite plausible, saying, more or less, "it can't hurt for us to invest in, right?" Well, as my group saw it it can't hurt. At least while the rest of the world is mapping out the great and terrible fall of humanity, some of us can still find ways to give our great, great, great... grandchildren a chance at a better life on another planet. Though sometimes aggravating and "such a waste of time," as it seems, perhaps spending time figuring out the universe to save the asses of the other billion people on earth more entertained by make-up and cats could be worthwhile for future generations.

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