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Monday, August 29, 2016

Gymnasiums of the Mind

      Thoreau and Emerson are two men I hold in high regard and how Emerson says, "Walking is the gymnasium of the mind," will stick with me. I absolutely believe that walking is beneficial for both mental and physical health and this further opened my eyes to the true benefits walking provides . I myself have found true solace and intellectual and spiritual depth during my adventures in the outdoors. Hiking with others is enjoyable, but I have found that a hike on my own allows my thoughts to reach a deeper level and allots time to be thankful for the beautiful creation which God has given us. In my relationship with Jesus being outdoors gives me a deeper appreciation for all the details God has put into His creation and how blessed I am to have a God who makes so many beautiful things for me to take in. Just like me, every leave was hand made by God Himself. Walking outdoors has provided for me my own sense of worship where I can freely talk to God and praise Him for everything He has done for me, He truly leaves me in awe with His breathtaking creation. Walks on my own leave me feeling refreshed and as if I have a lighter heart.

      Another thing that I was astounded by was how miniscule the amount of walking people nowadays do. It puts it in perspective as to why so many Americans are obese. It's a tragedy how little people in our country partake in walking, thinking in depth, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Sadly, architects today don't even expect people to walk and even plan building around making things easier for vehicles than making it easier for people to walk. Americans love convenience and walking unfortunately seems to be too much of an inconvenience but I believe the benefits it brings vastly outweigh the "inconvenience" many would associate with walking. As a writer and just a human being I hope to become more of a peripatetic and experience the benefits that come along with that lifestyle.

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