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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Need for Movement in Body and Thought

(H1) After having read "The Gymnasiums of the Mind," I believe that many should realize the direct correlation between physical movement and intellectual movement. Many great minds of the past in various subjects were presented as examples of those who often used walking in their daily life and the effects it had. In a general sense, in times when exercise was more prevalent, intellectual progression was common. Nowadays, the lack of motivation for movement from the masses has deteriorated the peripatetic style. In order to restore mankind's previous effective method of contemplation, there must be resurgence in exercise and movement. The author comments how their own child would rather have their teeth drilled than walk. This shows the public's overall attitude towards the notion of physical exercise, which has no doubt, contributed to a lack in intellectual progression. A social change would be required to adverse this stigma and to inspire students as well as the common public to express philosophical as well as creative ideas and statements. And like most social changes, the best place to implement these changes would be with the youth. To effect the coming generations rather than try to convert current adults would provide a more productive outcome. Schools would cater the best location and environment for these changes to take place. Teachers should be requested to add outdoor walks and activities into their teaching routine. To implement teaching styles which require, motivate, and encourage movement instead of dwelling in a cold classroom, would produce a new generation of thinkers.

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