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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Weekly Essay by Gus Simpson (H3 I think)

People are weird. We are a massive evolutionary success. We are brilliant.  We can deduce and infer and pattern match like no other. We have sent people to the moon. We have probes that have left our solar system. We have a vast understanding of objects in our sky that only appear as points of light. We have an interconnected world. All of our species work in the acquisition of knowledge is available at the query of a device that sits in our pockets.

Poverty. War. Oppression. Bigotry. Malnourishment. Illiteracy. Discord. Dissonance.

These are things that still plague us, and are likely to plague us for a long time. We will resist alliances with people on other plots of land because the supernatural entity they believe in isn't the same as theirs. We will kill one another for what they believe. We will supported political candidates who boisterously condone these problems with policies that perpetuate them. We will deny people food and water and shelter because they don't possess enough paper. We construct entire massive civilizations around the idea that money has value, leaving many, many people without it and suffering.

People are weird.

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  1. Your essay takes on a different point of view I have not heard before, but it is quite accurate in how our society is so advanced yet as simple minded as the monkeys we are so closely related to.It is interesting to think of ourselves that way, but when you really begin to delve in the human psyche we are really quite weird.