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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thunder dragons

Today during our group discussion, we talked about our midterm report and getting to know some of the lesser-known philosophers. Who is your favorite philosopher who isn't widely known and why? If they were to run for president in the next presidential election, would you want to be a part of their campaign? Do you think they would win? Why or why not?


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  2. I've mentioned my favorite philosopher on here several times, his name is Jonathon Edwards. I would be a part of his campaign because I like his ideas.

    FQ: What does APA stand for? American Philosophical Association
    DQ: What jobs do you think go along with a philosophy degree?
    Link: www.apaonline.org to learn more about the American Philosophical Association

  3. My favorite philosopher is Paul Tillich. He is a Christian philosopher and I think it would be beneficial to have another religious opinion in the running. I would love to be a part of his campaign.
    "He who risks and fails can be forgiven. He who never risks and never fails is a failure in his whole being."

  4. Erika Butler1:15 PM CST

    I don't have a favorite philosopher right now. I've said before that I feel this class will give me the opportunity to find a philosopher I like. However, if I did have a famous philosopher then of course I would support their campaign.

    FQ- What is Scepticism?( Answer-The idea that everything can be questioned everything doubted. Keep an open mind, and don't commit.)
    FQ- Who was probably the most extreme sceptic of his time?(Answer-Pyrrho)
    FQ- What is the poem On the Nature of Things by Roman philosopher -poet Lucretius about? (Answer- The poem summaried the teachings of Epicurus' school.)
    FQ-Where was Epicurus' philosophy school and what was the Name?(Answer- In a house and was called The Garden).

    DQ- Is it possible to implement Epicurus' teaching of viewing your life after death as if you are viewing your life before you were born? Do the events and our experiences during life prevent us from doing so?
    DQ- Do you agree with Phyrro's belief of not trusting your own senses? Why or why not?

  5. I have not chosen a favorite philosopher that isn't well known at this given time, but i will continue to research them.

    FQ: Who was the first African American to hold a steady job in the Ivy League?... William Fontaine
    DQ: What do you believe Walzer means when he says, (summarizing) in order to become an American.. "the process requires for its success the mental erasure of all previous identities"?
    Quote/Link: "Happiness consists in the multiplicity of agreeable consciousness"

  6. I dont think I have a favorite philosopher that isn't well known because I dont know about a lot of the other philosophers.

    FQ- According to the LH book, what was the difference between the extreme skeptics and Plato and Aristotle?
    DQ- Should we be skeptics and always keep an open mind about EVERYTHING? Do you think that's a good way to live life?

  7. I still don't have a favorite philosopher. That's why I'm in this class. To figure out about philosophy and those who study it.

    FQ: What Greek island was Epicurus born on? (Samos)
    DQ: Do you think it is logical to ignore instinctive behaviors of the body in order to overcome fear of what may or may not happen?
    Link: Interesting link on Pyrrho's beliefs. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pyrrho/

  8. FQ: From whom did Pyrrho likely draw inspiration for his unusual lifestyle as a child? (hint: aka "spiritual teachers")
    FA: Gurus

    DQ: Did Pyrrho ever have a wife? Or even a girlfriend? I don't think this attitude of pure skepticism would work in many types of relationships.

    This quote caught my attention: "…to be happy you should free yourself of desires and not care about how things turn out."


  9. FQ: who came up with the four crucial turning points of Americans as galvanizers of social glue? ( hall and Lindholm)
    DQ: do you think it's fair to say the number of the American types is equal to the number of the imaginer?

    Budda is my favorite. Even though he is well known, his philosophy may not be. He wanted to eliminate suffering and the pain of humans existence.

  10. I know of people's ideas that I like, but I do not know enough about any single philosopher to say that I have a favorite.

    FQ: Which philosopher was famously indifferent while sailing through a terrible storm? (A: Pyrrho)

    DQ: Are you really reading this, or are you just imagining you are?

    Link: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/feb/05/denying-climate-change-scepticism-motivated-reasoning Scepticism and climate change.