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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Group 2 Section 12 February 5th

Again, we did not have too much time to talk. However, we made some progress figuring out a topic. Harry Potter and Philosophy, anyone? Pop culture? We need to have about half a class periods worth of stuff to present. Have a good week!

Pyrrho-- Elizabeth
Epicurus-- Maegan


  1. Morganne Stanfill9:38 PM CST

    Hey guys, you might actually want to follow this link. It has a list of everything about pop culture and philosophy. There are some great potential group project topics in here! Including Harry Potter.

    1. jason dziadosz2:28 PM CST

      another possibility...


  2. Hey guys, I was in charge of reading Epicurus in (LH), here's some factual questions and discussion questions.
    FQ: What was the school Epicurus ran in Athens? The Garden
    FQ: Why was Epicurus no popular in Athens? His followers were slaves and women, which was frowned upon.
    FQ: Who said "Death is not an event in life"? 20th century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein
    DQ: Do you believe that the fear of death is just a state of indo to overcome and that death really isn't an experience at all?
    DQ: What do you think Epicurus meant in his epitaph: "I was not: I have been; I am not; I do not mind"

    1. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs42/f/2009/091/2/7/Epicurus_quote_by_Philiposophy.jpg

  3. Morganne Stanfill3:20 PM CST

    I was not assigned a certain section of reading this go around, so I decided to do a couple questions from each of the readings.

    FQ: Which anceint Greek philosopher argued that fear of death was a waste of time and based on bad logic? -Epicurus (LH 23)

    DQ: Do you agree with Pyrrho's view that the senses are deceiving and we really do not know what is dangerous? Or do you think Pyrrho was mad and lucky to have lived so long?

    Link: Short video on Pyrrho

    Link2: Short video on Epicurus

  4. I would like to quickly post a discussion question: Do you believe or agree with Epicurus on the grounds that a life lived simply is a life well lived?

    Here is a blog on The Good Life: http://www.philosophytalk.org/community/blog/ken-taylor/2013/12/epicurus-and-good-life

  5. FQ- Who was the most extreme skeptic of all time? Pyrrho
    FQ- T/F Pyrrho didn't need help from his friends to keep him safe because he trusted his instincts. False

    DQ- Do you think you should be able to look at your life with complete skepticism like Pyrrho?

    Link: here's a link about pyrrho's skepticism..

  6. I really like some of those topics Morganne. I like superheros and philosophy, star wars, harry potter, or super villains and philosophy could be kinda cool as well. Those are really good topics to choose from.