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Monday, February 17, 2014

Group 2 Section 12

Hey Guys! So I don't know if you got Morganne's email, but she had technical difficulties being able to make a post.  In our group we talked more about our project and what direction we wanted to take our project in.  For wednesday we need to have our background of our character and the philosophy of each character or which philosophers have something in common with our villain.

For wednesday's readings:

PB Kenny: Jason
LH Anselm & Aquinas: Meagan and Jake
AP 97-107: Evan and Morgan

sorry about all the confusion, we will get it all worked out on wednesday. No worries!  Have a good tuesday everyone!


  1. FQ: Who authored Anarchy, State, and Utopia?
    FQ: Who argued that taxation without consent is compared to forced labor?
    DQ: Do humans have undeniable rights?
    DQ: Can irresponsible actions under those rights warrant authorities the power to take them away?

  2. jason dziadosz1:11 PM CST

    On Aquinas' Ethics:

    FQ: Whose Philosophy did Aquinas draw on to compliment his religious musings? (30)

    FQ: What is the difference between Aquinas' view on happiness and Bentham's utilitarian view on happiness? (31)

    DQ: Do Aquinas' opinions on happiness lend more to an ethical, moral life than Bentham's?

    LINK: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/t/thomas_aquinas.html

  3. FQ: What twentieth century philosopher was credited for "singlehandedly reviving political philosophy"?
    John Rawls (AP 105)

    DQ: Is there a concrete definition of what is "justice"?


  4. Morganne Stanfill8:36 PM CST

    Thanks Elizabeth for stepping in for me. I guess I need to retype my email in to get another invitation.

    FQ: Which philosopher outline five arguments to show that God exists? -Aquinas (LH49)

    FQ2: Which philosopher felt that God was the "uncaused cause of everything that is"? Aquinas (LH 50)

    DQ: Why do you think Nozick's book "Anarchy, State, and Utopia" was so widely critiqued?

    LINK: More about Aquinas

    LINK2: More about Nozick's book discussed.

  5. Anselm (LH)
    FQ: Who was the Italian priest, who later became Archbishop of Canterbury?
    FQ: what did Anselm claim to show with his ontological argument?
    The fact that we have an idea of god proves that god actually exist.
    DQ: do you agree or disagree that we can be certain that god exists simply from the fact that we have an idea of god?
    FQ: Anselm quoted from the ______ that only a fool would deny god's existence.


  6. Don't forget to bring background info for your characters!