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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Today we had a great discussion on what we should do to get this midterm project or whatever on the ball. Hopefully we don't have to resort to having ole Oliver just picking us a topic, so whether it be Batman, Superman, or Wonder woman lets post a couple ideas on here! My personal idea would be we elaborate on good ole David Hume (mainly because I am a psychology major). Also if you want to text me so I can shoot you guys a text as soon as this is up so its not hard to find or anything my number is 731-693-3648 just give me your name and I will send a mass text.

Thank you,
Jay Mashburn


  1. James McVey11:23 AM CST

    (DQ) Pyrrho: According to Pyrrho, in order to be happy one must let go of their desires and recognize that nothing matters. Would this make you happy?

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  3. James McVey1:43 PM CST

    (FQ) Epicurus: According to Epicurus, how does one lead a happy life?

  4. FQ-Pyrrho was the most extreme _____of all time according to the author?
    FQ-Where did epicurus spend most of his life and who was with him?
    DQ- What do you think of pyrrho's blatant disregard for his saftey?

  5. Brianna Carroll2:01 PM CST

    FQ- According to William James, what is the only thing you have to do "to be a real philosopher?
    DQ:When did philidelphia get the APA "nod"?