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Monday, February 3, 2014

Daily Quiz

Feb 3 (Go ahead and start on this, class, if I'm late arriving from my Honors lecture.)

1. Who do some consider philosohpy's "patron saint," an Athenian whose enemies said he asked too many questions as he went around deflating people's knowledge claims while denying he knew anything himself?

2. What was a successful conversation and what was wisdom, for Socrates? 

3. Socrates did not write anything down. Who wrote down and kept record of Socrates conversations and ideas, as well as his own?

4. What theory of Plato's describes thinking about things in an abstract way, not through examples and sensual perceptions?

5. Who did Socrates meet and talk with, as both made their way to court? (PB)

6. Name one of the three Socratic substitutes for immortality.

7. What "transcendent vision" represents Plato's concept of the highest love?

8. What is a "Socrates cafe?" (AP)

9. What is Open Court, and what's an example of what they do?

Also of note:

FQ: Philosophy is referred to as what distasteful lunch meat, and by Whom?
FQ: What wars did Socrates participate in, and who were they against?
FQ: Who were the Sophists?
FQ: What do the Greek words for the word philosopher mean?

What kind of a search did Aristophanes (in Plato's Symposium) call Eros? (PB)

What's "X-phi"? (AP)

Who does Romano think we should "salute" instead of Socrates? (22)

Why does Romano call President Obama a philosopher?

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