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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Lame? Okay. 

Monday in our discussion group we discussed when we were going to purchase the book that we will be covering for our report. We talked about purchasing the book and who would do what exactly within the group. Also, we talked lightly about how neat it was to actually find out the names of the people who have said some of our favorite quotes. 

Who's excited for Spring Break?
This dude is:

I have already read a little bit in A Little History of Philosophy and it is pretty interesting.
To those of you who are specifically reading LH:

I enjoyed reading about Anselm's example of the painter:

"The painter imagines a scene before painting it. At some stage the painter paints what he imagines. Then the painting exists both in the imagination and in reality. God is different from this sort of case. Anselm believed that it was logically impossible to have an idea of God without God actually existing, whereas we can quite easily imagine the painter who never actually painted the picture he had imagined, so that the painting only existed in his mind, but not in the world. God is the only being like this: we can imagine anything else not existing without contradicting ourselves. If we truly understand what God is we will recognize that it would be impossible for God not to exist."

Take care, all! I'll see you in class Wednesday!

(Had to include this because I knew a few of us got a chuckle out of this showing up during lecture...)

Also, I do have all of the quiz questions and answers saved on my computer.. It looks like someone else has posted them all.. would you still like for me to post them?


  1. FQ: According to Gaunilo of Marmoutiers, a monk, criticized Anselm's reasoning claiming it was what?

    DQ: What do you rather? The painter's example or the island example?

    ^ the article is pretty lengthy, but the section about his life was fairly interesting.

  2. Christopher Winfrey3:53 PM CST

    Okay so I wrote about Philosophy Bites "Anthony Kenny on Thomas Aquinas Ethics."

    (PB Kenny pg. 29-36)
    FQ: Which philosopher wrote about the existence of God?
    FQ: Who were the begging friars and preaching friars, and what did they shape?
    FQ: Like Aristotle, what are Aquinas' ethics based on?
    FQ: Where does Aquinas believe an individual achieves "perfect happiness?"
    FQ: What form of ethics used today was founded by Jeremy Bentham?
    FQ: Based on Bentham's beliefs that the fundamental principles of ethics depend on pleasure and pain, what else must belong to the same moral community as humans?
    FQ: What does Kenny say it means if something is not part of our own moral community?
    FQ: What virtues does Aquinas claim as non-conflicting with Aristotelian virtues?
    FQ: What two forms of law does Kant believe in?
    FQ: What did Bentham believe consequences were a test of?
    FQ: Who often discussed the role of the conscience and questioned whether or not you should always obey it?
    FQ: What two forms of theology does Aquinas make a sharp distinction between?
    FQ: How does Aquinas begin his treatment of a topic?
    (Sorry for the 13 questions, but since I was the only one who volunteered for PB, I put in some work for those bases)

    DQ: If you are thinking as a utilitarian, when could torture and rape be justified?

    LINK: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/aquinas/
    This is a link to Stanford University's Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry for Thomas Aquinas. Check it out if you want to learn more about him.

  3. Yousef Al-Ansari6:49 PM CST

    Was selected to write about PB page 29-36
    FQ: What was the ethic that Aquinas's shared with Aristotle?
    DQ: What do you guys think about Aquinas's? Like/Don't like?
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz_iGGGMddw
    ^Cool little fan made video on Aquinas.

  4. FQ: Where did Robert Nozick teach?
    DQ: Robert Nozick's first book has the thesis "that taxation with out consent is forced labor, that the state should leave "capitalists acts by consenting adults" alone." Agree, disagree, why?

  5. http://youtu.be/uxRSkM8C8z4

  6. I think it would be helpful if you post all of the quiz questions and answers to the blog. Also, reading the book and watching the series of Breaking Bad is completely different. I was told that the book and the show is completely different from the storyline, also I am not quite sure if that's the case. Anyways I be discussing Q&A about Ansem and Aquinas in LH

    FQ: This person later became archbishop of Canterbury, with his Ontological Arguement that claimed logic to have an idea if God really existed. - Ansem

    DQ: What is the Summa Theolgica?


  7. Zachary L. Duncan12:40 PM CST

    I read on "The perfect Island: Anselm and Aquinas" in LH pgs 46-50.

    Factual Question:
    Who wrote Summa Theologica, a book that outlined fiver arguments that demonstrate God exists?
    Answer: Thomas Aquinas

    Saints Anselm and Aquinas provided a stark contrast to this thinker?
    Answer: Niccolo Machiavelli

    Link -


  8. FQ: who was American philosophies youngest cleverest technocrat?
    DQ: Q, P, A do we really have a choice in how we think of these?
    Link http://www.informationphilosopher.com/solutions/philosophers/nozick/
    all about Nozick