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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oliver's Favs

Today in class we took a quiz and discussed our readings from Little History about Epictetus, Cicero, Seneca and stoicism and America The Philosophical on Walzer, The Constitution, Emerson, Peirce, and James. In our discussion groups we talked about splitting up our topic of "Cults and Philosophy" into different famous cults so we would all be able to talk for the presentation. Some of us already chose which one we wanted to do. Do you guys have any other suggestions for cults or what we could do for this project? Maybe an outline?


  1. James McVey3:02 PM CST

    FQ: What human trait does Augustine believe is responsible for evil? Free will (LH 38)

    DQ: (Boethius) Is luck actually random?

  2. Brianna Carroll11:23 AM CST

    FQ: What philosopher's wisdom is heavily emphasized in Augustine's book, "Confessions, The City of God?" (LH 35)

    DQ: Philosophy tells Boethius that God is what? (LH 44)