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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Daily Quiz

Feb 5

1. What does "eudaimonia" mean, and how can we ncrease our chance of attaining it?

2. Professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University who authored On Race and Philosophy. 

3. What was the name of the school set up by Aristotle in Athens, borrowed by the MTSU Philosophy Dept for its visiting speaker series? 

4. Who was the Jamaican-born orator who organized a mass movement of blacks in the 1920's? 

5. (T/F) Aristotle believed true happiness could be acquired in a single moment, or a few. 

6. Whose academy did Aristotle attend?

1. (Answer- it means flourishing or success, and is the answer to how people should seek happiness in their lives according to Aristotle); p12. Aristotle's answer 'Develop the right kind of character.'
2. Lucius Outlaw (AP 33)
3. The Lyceum (LH 10)
4. Marcus Garvey
5. F; He believes it requires longer life
6. Plato's

Also of note:
FQ: Aristotle was not just a philosopher but also fascinated by what? p10 zoology, astronomy, history, politics, and drama.
FQ: Who pioneered philosophical counseling? - Gerd Achenbach (AP 29)

FQ- Who is Aristotle's book Nicomachean Ethics dedicated to? (Answer- his son Nicomachus)

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