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Monday, February 17, 2014

Potential Test Questions

1. Who "wed philosophical pragmatism to social and political activism" and "approached philosophy with the common man's touch" (and was paid a great compliment by a famous historian)? Answer: John Dewey

2. Which American philosopher rejected the name "pragmatism," threatened suicide, and said we should only entertain "real and living doubts"?  Answer: Peirce

3. Which ancient Greek philosopher argued that fear of death was a waste of time and based on bad logic? Answer: Epicurus

4. According to Epicurus, how does one lead a happy life? Answer: Overcome fear.

5. What does "eudemonia" mean, and how can we increase our chance of attaining it?                   (Answer- it means flourishing or success, and is the answer to how people should seek happiness in their lives according to Aristotle

6. Whose academy did Aristotle attend? Answer: Plato’s

7. (T/F) Aristotle believed true happiness could be acquired in a single moment, or a few. Answer: False

8. What theory of Plato's describes thinking about things in an abstract way, not through examples and sensual perceptions? Answer: Theory of Forms

9. Where (according to Romano) is "the most philosophical culture in the history of the world"? Answer: United States

10. Who did Jonathan Glover pick, "because he invented the whole thing"? (HINT: again, not Plato.)Answer: Socrates

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