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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Team Why Not? Study Guide (Section 12)

1. What was strange about Epicurus' Garden commune was that it openly included ______ and _____, which was a rare situation in Ancient Athens. (Women and Slaves)

2. What was the name of the woman in Boethius's book "The Consolation of Philosophy" who joins him in his cell and explains what he should believe? (Philosophy)

3. True or False: Epicurus thought death was something to fear.  (False)                           

4. Who was the 1st American thinker to dare to insist that his countryman could have an original relation to the universe? (Emerson)

5. According to Cicero, four main problems with growing older were that it gets harder to work, the body becomes weaker, ______________, and death is close. (Joy in physical pleasure goes)

6. Who refused to attend the celebration in Philadelphia because his state of New York fought hard to defeat ratification? (Alexander Hamilton)

7. Who was described as “the most profound, most complete expression of American genius?” (John Dewey)

8. What was the name of the painted porch in Athens where philosophers met? (Stoa)

9. What “fickle” and “random” thing should humans not depend on to be happy according to Boethius? (Luck)

10. According to Hall & Lindholm, what is the supposed “11th commandment” in American society? (“Thou shalt not judge”)

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  1. I am posting here because my author is more than likely not going to post over the weekend.
    Today we had the majority of our class outside, walking around campus discussing random topics. We walked to the Student Union first in order to get a campus map. Then we walked to several locations around campus. First, we walked to a nice little area with big rocks to sit on that is tucked away beside the parking lot next to the student union building. We talked about Christian theology and different views of it. Second we walked to a series of benches near the agriculture center and talked about our project and certain aspects of it. Lastly we walked to the music building and listened in on the musicians as we talked about how music influences people's lives.

    FQ: Which Roman emperor was Machiavelli's hero? (Septimus Severus)
    DQ: Do you think that Machiavelli's opinion on what makes a perfect "prince" is right? Why or Why not?
    Link: Great analysis of The Prince http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1W-GsYpBCY