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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Epicurus is our topic. We will talk about his life, the views he has on life, death, the garden, happiness, and wealth. We will link this through modern day intentional communities (Commons) and advertising. The contributors were Colt, Zack, Sam, Jon, Kathryn, Aaron, and Shante'. Researchers were Colt, Sam, Zack, Kathryn, Caitlin, and Shante' with the following group members presenting Colt, Jon, Shante', Sam, Zack, and Aaron. The order of presenting is as following:

I. Who is Epicurus - Colt
II. Epicurus Views on life and Death - Jon
III. The Garden - Shante'
IV. Audience Interactive activity - Sam
V. Happiness and Wealth - Zack
VI. Presenter's Transition - Aaron


To Study From Before We Present:
Pricipal Doctrines by Epicurus (translated by Robert Drew Hicks) B&N.com
Little History of Philosophy , Chapter 4
O’Keefe, Tim. “Internet encyclopedia of Philosophy.” Epicurus
Encylcopedia Britannica Online, “Epicurus (Greek Philosopher)

“Epicurus” Stanford University


  1. Kathryn that powerpoint WAS NOT on my flash drive. PLEASE email it to me as soon as possible. sdr3z@mtmail.mtsu.edu

    1. The videos do not work in the file type I sent you, but they will work tomorrow. I hope I sent it to you in time!

    2. I got it I will study it tomorrow on my lunch break. I was re-reading, so I can do my extra credit. Looks like I will try to cram that writing in tomorrow when I get off work I have to get some sleep.

  2. Hey guys. Really really sorry I couldn't meet up with you all to work on this. I had to go into the hospital and was unable to access any electronics, so I had no way of getting in touch with any of you or checking the site. I was still under the impression we were doing the presentation on the old topic we chose, so all the information I gathered pertained to that. I saw this post tonight and called Colt and talked to him. He suggested I gather as much information as I could on the topics you all planned to present about Epicurus and post it here so I could participate. I'm going to really try to make it to class tomorrow assuming my medical issues allow me to, and once again I'm really sorry for being unable to stay in communication with you all through this process. Here's a couple of sites I found that I think go with what you plan to present tomorrow.

    I thought this page was interesting. I wasn't aware of the extent of influence Epicurus had in the scientific method. He didn't believe anything that couldn't be tested or directly observed.
    Colton- there's a a pretty large portion about Epicurus' life on this page as well. Some things that stuck out to me that might be of interest for the presentation are his previous teachers, Pamphilus and Nausiphanes. He studied under Pamphilus as a boy. He studied under Nausiphanes later on and was actually not pleased with him as a teacher and criticized him in some of his works.
    Also, for the presentation on The Garden, it might be worth noting that he had a hierarchical system of levels implemented in the community and his followers had to swear and oath on his core tenets. Also, I'm sure this has come up in your research, The Garden allowed women and slaves to be members of the community which was huge.

    I also found this website which I feel could be of importance.
    It lists the eight Epicurean counsels and the ten basic Epicurean values as well as the first 25 principle doctrines.
    Zach - 5, 7, and 15 seem to most relate to your presentation topic of wealth and happiness. Most of the doctrines address pleasure, obviously, but those three seem to touch more on the topics of happiness and wealth.
    Colton - Number 2 on the doctrines most specifically talks about death.

    1. Zachary VanDusen1:01 AM CST

      It's okay! Glad you're feeling better. The information about Principles 5 and 15 will be used on the presentation. Thanks for the site and the information. Hope to see you tomorrow. Get well!!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q96qvpoHQts (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFIJdZXVfV8 (2)

    for presentation

  4. Good job, 'raptors! NO FEAR is a pretty good philosophy, but I always recall the title of an old bestselling self-help book when thinking about Epicurus: "Feel the fear, but do it anyway." Fear can be your friend, when it's not groundless (which is of course the sort Epicurus was talking about).

    If any of you are still on campus Fall after next, and still interested in this topic, consider taking my PHIL OF HAPPINESS course.

    Here's a video worth a look, about E's philosophy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irornIAQzQY

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