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Monday, February 24, 2014

Group 2 Section 12 Discussion

Philosophy Discussion: We did not have a lot of time to talk both Philosophy and our group project. However, we did begin to discus Thomas Hobbes and how his theory of "state of nature" ties into two of our characters in our group project. I will not get too deep into the conversation about our villains, so we have a bit of a surprise come presentation day. But we discussed how the idea that people lose their morals and values when rules are taken out of the question is what one villain wants to prove; that no one is as good as they believe. We also discussed how another villain represented both sides of Hobbes's theory. But more to come on that Monday!

As for the group project, we discussed the order our characters would be presented (if you have any questions email the group). Also, do not forget to email Jason a quick summary of your character by Wednesday, so he can put together the conclusion. By the way, Evan you were assigned the introduction. If there's any problem with that let us know ASAP. Don't forget to also send Elizabeth the things you want on the visual presentation by Wednesday. If you include videos make sure they are not too long. I do not believe we will have time to meet again before our presentation, so be sure to have your part of it done by Monday when we present!

Have a good rest of the day you guys!  

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