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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Philosophers - Feb 10 - 4:10

First off, I just wanna address the other groups' adopting of memes. It's cool that you all are biting our style, I mean, I would do the same if you all were dope and stuff. 

Anywho, here's what came out of our group discussion:

First off, reading assignments:
  • Little History of Philosophy - Epictetus, Cicero, Seneca
  • America the Philosophical - pages 57-78

Next, we divided the group in two for our project on
Breaking Bad and Philosophy:

Adam (Section 4, "Nothing Here but Chemistry")
Chandler (Section 7, "Pink, White and Blue")
Charles (Section 2, "Equations Must Balance")
Christopher (Section 5, "Now You're Cooking")
Dylan (Section 3, "There's Meth in My Madness")
John Connor (Section 6, "Free Radicals")

There's no one signed up for Section 1, "Analyze This." So whoever didn't sign up for a section to write, that's the section you've got.

Oh, and here's the Daily Quiz Questions and answers:
1. Which ancient Greek philosopher argued that fear of death was a waste of time and based on bad logic? 

2. What was the school Epicurus ran in Athens?  
The Garden

3.  What was strange about Epicurus' Garden commune was that it openly included ______ and _____, which was a rare situation in Ancient Athens. 
Women and Slaves

4. According to Epicurus, how does one lead a happy life?
Overcome fear.

5. According to Hall & Lindholm, what is the supposed "11th commandment" in American society?
"Thou shalt not judge"

6. What country's ancient spiritual traditions may have influenced Pyrrho's skepticism?

7. What's the difference between extreme Pyrrhonian skepticism and moderate skepticism?
Moderates (like Socrates and Shermer) seek truth 

Guess that's it. Keep on philosophizing and stuff.

- John Connor Coulston


  1. GIFs aren't inherently memes. Neither are comics. Just sayin' ;]

    1. Right. This would be an interesting report topic, btw: where did the "meme" meme come from, and where's it going? Richard Dawkins introduced the concept in his 1976 book "The Selfish Gene." Way before GIFS.

  2. Christopher Winfrey8:25 PM CST

    We're still awesome and have the coolest group name ever!

    Anyways, I had (LH) Seneca (pages 31-33)
    FQ: Which of the Stoics was a playwright, politician, and businessman along with his career as a philosopher?
    FQ: According to Seneca, why do people preoccupy themselves with trivial work?
    FQ: What was the stoic ideal way of living?
    FQ: What did Seneca say was necessary to feel truly alive?
    FQ: Where was Seneca exiled for 8 years?
    FQ: Who forced Seneca to commit suicide for supposedly plotting to kill him?

    DQ: What do you think would be an effective way to live the remainder of your life?

    LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Bad-Philosophy-through-Chemistry/dp/0812697642
    The link is for the book on Amazon. If you have an E-reader or any device that has a Kindle app, just get the Kindle edition if you really want the book. It'd be a lot easier for the writers to all at least get a copy of the book or share with one of the other writers.

  3. Anonymous1:18 AM CST

    My assignment was to read 57-67 on the AP book

    FQ: Who wrote the book "A Machine That Would Go of Itself: The Constitution in American Culture"? - Michael Kammen

    DQ: Why is Michael Kammen is a better political philosopher than the other scholars?

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OBFyqILT8I - a short clip about how Kammen's book is about in a political cartoon

    1. Remember, everybody: your assignment is to READ everything, and post questions/links/comments pertaining to your assigned POSITION.

  4. FQ:An effective critic must remain where?
    DQ: The book makes Jesus and Socrates sound like rebels, would this be a good word for them why or why not?

  5. http://youtu.be/5RF9nws5GwQ

  6. You're right... I think everyone has caught on to our awesome group chemistry via memes!

    It's okay, mockery is a form of flattery.

    Back to the important things:
    FQ: Who declared in his diary that "my first act of free will shall be to believe in free will"?
    DQ: What do you believe is "free will"?


  7. Jordan Huschke2:21 PM CST

    FQ: What did the Stoics believe about emotion?
    FQ: Who declared that "the mind can remain free even when the body is enslaved"?
    DQ: Are you a stoic?

    Here is a short video on Stoicism!

  8. FQ: Who was the first American philosopher to dare to think like Nietzsche, or Kierkegaard
    DQ: Who was better Charles Sanders pierce or Emerson?
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoQjE1Lbn7I
    it goes over Emersons actual philosophy

  9. Yousef Al-Ansari3:56 PM CST

    FQ: Who was the American Thinker that insisted that his countrymen could have "an original relation to the universe"?
    DQ: What do you guys think about Ralph Waldo Emerson?
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QROVtOZNv_8