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Sunday, November 13, 2016

What Do You Want in a President?

     With the passing of the recent presidential election, the country has been left in chaos. The majority of college students are livid at the results and can't seem to comprehend the idea of a human like Donald Trump being in charge of an entire nation. A man whose respect was not earned, but just expected due to his race, financial status, and gender amongst other things. As most 18-25 year olds are protesting this election, it has left me to wonder how a country so "great" could decided that a man with such morals as Trump is suitable to run our country.  

      While I don't think that either candidates were great choice for president, I believe that Hillary was far less evil and a far greater leader. It makes me wonder how we can come to the conclusion that a man who has zero political experience, has said openly racist comments, has said many comments disgracing and degrading women, racially profiles people, has no policy, etc. can be a suitable leader for our nation. What is it that we look and say that's what we want in a president? Sure Trump was a great business leader and he may be able to convince a certain amount of people that he would be a good leader because he can strike fear into them, but this is not the kind of person I want leading my country.  


  1. I agree that this isn't the kind of person I want as president. Trump knows how to play into people's fears and many people believe what he says. Of course I want him to shock all of us and actually be a good president, however I'm just amazed at how big his following actually is. (H3)

  2. Trump IS a great leader, not was. His supporters reconize the potential for somebody that will lead us out of this pit that America is in right now and lead them to a better place. You may be surprised at the things that are accomplished under his term H3

  3. I agree with Ben that it's important not to underestimate the man. Yes, he has made some questionable comments, but we have yet to even give him a chance and are already putting ourselves through chaos simply out of fear for what he "could" do. Nothing is going to change the results of the election, so we might as well buckle down and give this guy our support. It takes a lot of courage to run a country, especially in the sensitive society we live in. He may be a bit different, but change is not always for the worst.

  4. Most of the people I know that support Trump and Pence, support them because they support their religious views. this is most definitely not what I want in a leader. They are against Religious Freedom; they want to rule by Christianity. That's not okay. Our Constitution doesn't allow it.

  5. My mental state as of now is that I will not allow my president to have an influence on my success as an academic in my future career. As far as Trump goes, though, well, Hillary wanted to establish a no-fly zone over Syria and was willing to engage in foreign conflict to tackle Russian aggression. I prefer to be patient and observe what Trump does before I judge him as a president.