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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Woody Allen


I find I do agree with Woody Allen on immortality, although I cannot offer any reason why I should. It is albeit pointless to wish for this because I will never reach a point in society when I can live forever, so I settle for making an impact in the world. That is not my main goal in life, but my main goal is unreachable and I see no problem with that. Many would say that only wanting to live forever is a simple and dishonorable life goal, but I do not understand why. Why is a life goal of wanting to write music any more honorable than wanting to live forever? While I do agree that death is a necessary part of life, I don't feel that I can be blamed for wanting to live forever. Immortality is something people can contribute to god-like nature, but that is not the reason why I would want to. While my current stance is like I said in support of that, I can see that view easily changing. As my life goes on, I am sure that eventually I will tire of the day to day and wish for an end. My body and mind will deteriorate and my family and friends will pass. I am keenly aware of that and I do not wish for that to come. I guess a better word for my stance is an everlasting youth, rather than everlasting life. If only we could pause life, and live there for a while I think that would in fact be perfect.

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