Up@dawn 2.0

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I will be the first to acknowledge that my beliefs are totally inconsistent. I subscribe to a multitude of views, because I haven’t found one set of beliefs that are sufficient. I will admit that it’s frustrating for me – I am the type of person that likes structure and definite answers. However, I, like Whitman, feel that I “contain multitudes.” I think it’s okay that some of my beliefs contradict one another. We have this view that you can’t question your own beliefs without shattering their virtue. I feel that blindly accepting a doctrine results in surface level theories and unsatisfactory answers.        

It’s important to recognize that none of us have a final answer. Some like to claim that their beliefs are concrete and absolutely correct, but I think everyone questions their views to an extent. Even the devoutly religious have to forego their doubts and replace them with faith. We have to be okay with not knowing absolute truth and not having definite answers. We have to allow our minds to question the widely accepted. We have to do these things to progress and grow as individuals and as a race. Exploring new possibilities and ways to understand our existence is essential in creating a life of substance and meaning.


  1. (H3) I have to agree with on this one. Buying in completely to one idea or another is for the dogmatic. It's only when you are open to every idea that the planet has to offer that a person can hope to reach their fullness.

  2. I have to agree with you. I also have a multitude of beliefs and views. Not one set defines what i believe. However, this does not frustrate me because as long as i hold my beliefs to myself, it does not matter if it fits into another person or group's set of beliefs.

  3. I parallel your tumultuous feelings of inconsistency in your perception of the world. I am very intellectual, but I am also very emotional, so I constantly feel drawn to various philosophies, ideologies, and theologies.

  4. I do not feel this inconsistency withing myself. However, I used to. I have made it to a place where I know and can argue for what I believe. I am not, though, closed off from other people's ideas.