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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pleasure vs. Happiness

Pleasure can in no way be the same as happiness I do think that pleasure can lead to happiness though. Pleasure Is very instantaneous as well as physical in my opinion where as happiness is more drawn out there are multiple factors in happiness on of them being pleasure but there is not a direct correlation. I find pleasure when eating because it satisfies a physical natural desire. Eating however does not give me happiness I find pleasure mostly in my interpersonal and personal relationships with others as well as my general accomplishments. I think that pleasure is a factor though I would reference the hierarchy of needs so water comes first we need that in order to be satisfied you obviously will not be satisfied or happy if you are dying. Then when you over indulge though you are being pleasured and I would say that generally the pleasure derived from overconsumption does not usually lead to happiness. It leads to obesity then further on to death so again you are not happy. So to much pleasure can really lead to unhappiness if you want to philosophize. Although there definitions are pretty much the same. Pleasure is a more descriptive adjective then happiness is defined as simply the state of being happy. So thanks bing you literally told me the definition of the word was the word pleasure is a little more descriptive coming out as a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. So I think still think that they are different although similar even the definitions are not the exact same one is much more descriptive it comes down to what you believe an how you feel I think that pleasure can lead to happiness or unhappiness but in moderation pleasure is good and will cause you to come to every ones goal of being happy.

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  1. I agree that pleasure does not mean happiness. Pleasure is a momentary feeling gained at specific times, and for short periods. Happiness is a long-term achievable feeling and way of life.