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Monday, November 21, 2016

(H3) The Real American McCoy

     This was a harder chapter to read than anything Bertrand Russell could muster; I had to stop numerous times to acquire back the brain cells (and patience) I had lost reading this. The Real McCoy is everything that is wrong with our modern society. People who are so boastful and proud of their ignorance, and try to claim their shouting voices as intelligence. So many people want to stand up and just shout their own ideals as fact (i'm targeting both sides here) and aren't willing to have a real discussion. No one can be wrong in our society, we just have a cluster of 'true' views that all contradict one another. A news YouTuber I watched had to cover this giant story last week about how influential fake news on Facebook was (and how much of a problem it was) and how Mark Zuckerberg was making almost no effort to combat this because he knows this makes him money and takes too much effort to control. Honestly, Plato made a great point about worrying about influence, it is a powerful tool and is currently being handed to the loudest voices, not the most reasonable. We hate anyone who does not agree with us and will make every attempt to silence them. We are too scared to use reason anymore because it will get drowned out in shouts and slurs. I'm hoping in the next few months all of this political nonsense will stop and we can all try to be reasonable, for Plato's sake.

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  1. (H3) Here is the thing about those kind of people. They don't want a discussion, or even a two sided argument, because if they appear to be anything other than right they lose money, they lose power, their influence of there masses dissipates.