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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Real [Repetaive] Mccoy (H3)

Roy McCoy… o boy.  Not sure where to start with this one.  The first thing I thought is how in the world did this guy get a TV show.  He is so blatantly self-aggrandizing and superior that he doesn’t shy away from saying that he feels superior to everyone else and things most people are morons If I watched this show I wouldn’t be entertained I would be insulted, unless I was mike pence or something but I’m not here to talk politics.   Second I think he must have gotten all his awards before he went on cable television because his massive ego makes him far too biased to ever get any awards for journalism, except maybe the “least likely to be impartial” tag under his high school year book picture.  I think this impartialness is what gave him such a massive ego.  I wanted to compare him to Thrasymachus but I feel like that would be an insult to the noble sophist.  So I just gave up on trying to compare him to any character from Republic.  All I can come up with is that we’re are putting Socrates on trial here.  Not literally but figuratively obviously.  We are testing his ideas against the might of shameless rejection of an idea on the grounds of I don’t like it for XYZ, but I will back it up with XYZ.   In other words, we are putting philosophy up against curricular logic.  Which is the great problem of our age, for both science and religion.  Coming to a conclusion backed up by that conclusion and refusal to even give the benefit of the doubt to anything else because we have already found the answer.

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