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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Parenting (H3)

     Parents have a responsibility to raise their children to the best of their abilities. This, however, does not mean pushing them to be an "off-the-charts" achiever. It does not mean signing them up for all the hardest classes, making sure they are the best sports player, or pushing them to hold positions in 20 different clubs. This kind of parenting will leave the child exhausted, and unable to keep up. They will probably end up feeling like they can never please their parent and like they aren't living for themselves.
     The parent must ask themselves, "Is this making my child happy? How does this benefit them?" Of course every parent wants their child to reach their full potential, but at what expense? Balance is needed to live a healthy life. It is vital for parents to stress the importance of doing homework, being involved, and exercising, but with limitations. Children are going to prefer and be better at certain things than others. The purpose of the parent is to support the child's interests and passions, to display a healthy lifestyle. Not sculpt their child into being picture perfect.


  1. I think that parents struggle to find this balance in today's society. They either push them to hard or not at all. A few parents find the balance but the vast majority don't seem too.

  2. By my observations, children who grow up to be outstandingly successful did not become so as a result of their parents complete subjugation of their path.