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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Final Part 1 (H1)

We roam not knowing our origin. We claim truth and fact in the unknown. In regards to creation did we not write this author into existence? In doing so, are we not the author? In being the creator do we not show our greatest work in the expedition of self-realization? We’ve constructed the ideals of a vast eternity and overarching truth to our being as well as a source for this truth.
This realm of existence has many mysteries; some we will never come to understand. Though these mysteries plague us, we understand that our actions have consequences. Everything happens for a reason. It is what it is. You must make this life the one you want it to be. You are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for finding the God within yourself.
Without limit the idea of God is able to expand past the consciousness granted upon us. I view the idea of a personal god as one too able to fall short as compared to the idea of an omniscient source for which knows no good or bad but only the impurity of existence. This “God” comforts the idea of an ending without an end.
The earth we stand upon gives the examples of life and death needed to learn sufficiently; enough to understand the constant entity of eternity, when neither life nor death is of concern. For this planet we inhabit knows no time but only existence in the swirl of space. No ulterior motive is necessary for existence to remain as the existing; rather than the living and understanding.
We’ve come to realize our soul needs to grow. Our minds are in need of expansion. These vessels we’ve come to know so well are only temporary in our path to infinity. The land we roam can become cruel and confusing. The ideas we need to keep in mind are the effects of our actions playing major roles in this cosmos. Without this moral idea we are in need of the pleasures of this world to make the outcome we see as pleasurable. Though these temporary pleasures succeed in doing this, that’s just what they are, temporary. The path of work is to be used as a vehicle for self-transcendence.
The obstruction to the path of higher being can always be expected. It’s how you react to the forces of these obstructions that counts. Learning, by taking the lessons that can be taught through these journeys will enable you to see the clear routes in which to travel. The path of least resistance is the path too often traveled. Becoming aware of your own cosmic identity is no easy path. Turning the self from the distractions of this world and focusing your energy on finding the truth of being will bring light forth and shine on the clarity of your true self. With this light we are able to make clear the impurities of our mind as well as the truth dwelling deep within.

The idea of an ultimate reality is intriguing as well as unbearable for the tainted mind. The purity of an unaltered reality sounds too good to be true. The Tao, or way, is pressing for others to attempt to reach an enlightened state of knowledge within their life. Of course enlightenment is never an easily accomplished task, but nonetheless it is a task worth pursuing. The reality as we know it to be falls short of the bliss we are all able to obtain.

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