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Monday, November 14, 2016

Myer's Briggs Test

We recently talked about the Myer's Briggs test in my Psych class as well and I looked into it and found my results to be super weird. When I read through what my results were, I felt like they did not fit me or my personality at all. I had my friends read over the results and they tell me that it is me perfectly to a t. I soon found myself doing things that fit that personality type perfectly.

In my psych class, we talked about this phenomenon and how personality is affected. It's proven that people will often unknowingly adjust their answers or behavior to get different results from personality inventories that fit their own idea of what their personality is. It made me think of society as a whole deciding whether or not we are good in our own eyes. People from other countries may not believe they are in an obviously bad country for their own schemas blocking them. It made me think of Nazi Germany and how none of those people felt they were in any wrongdoing- for the most part. I feel like it really changes how a person views our society and ourselves.


  1. I found myself in a very different position when I took this personality test. I and my friends felt that my results fit me perfectly and I never doubted it, or experienced the changes in how I viewed things as you have.

  2. I always like to do personality tests two ways. First I take it as true as I can manage. Then I take it the way it should be taken so I can get the result I know is true (Sarcasm). Of course the only time you will get and honest result is the first time, and that's assuming you don't know what the results are to sway your answers.

    As far as society, human beings have a remarkable defense mechanism in their ability to convince it's self of "the other guy." For example, soldiers in war rarely think they will die, they are convinced it will be the other guy, but not them. In Nazi Germany it was very much the same. The majority of German did nothing because they were convinced that the bad people were "The other guys" the people hauling off people to prison camps. They were just the unfortunate witness.

  3. What is this test? is it more of a memorization test or personality test?