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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Could You Be With Someone You Aren't Physically Attracted To?

This is a question I've always asked myself when thinking about my ideal partner. As we all say, it's what's on the inside that matters, after all. However, I've come to find that looks really do play a significant part in our attraction to another; more so than we'd like to admit. I've started to believe that there is a reason as to why a couple is generally equal in physical attractiveness: perhaps that it is genetically instilled in us. Our physical attributes like a lean physique or good hair and skin are representative of good genetics, which we are innately attracted to. Because our human instinct is to build a strong bloodline ancestry, it is in our nature to want a partner who is equal to (or greater than) our own attractiveness. This being said, I still like to believe that I could.


  1. Sadly, I agree with your argument that attractiveness plays a huge part in relationships. I, however, do not give people as much credit to say it is genetically instilled in us. Because for some individuals they are genuinely attracted to people of the complete opposite body stature and attractiveness.

  2. In my opinion through a couple different articles and such I've read, we need to understand that as humans we are born selfish and always will be selfish whether people want to admit or not. (I would say 99% of the time) when we consider someone as a partner, looks just are and always will be first. I believe that there is a minimal quality of "looks" that we just won't accept as a partner (subconsciously). As terrible as it may sound, I think that's just how life is, or you can label me as that typical douche bag of a guy that only cares about looks.

  3. It's just a matter of our biological process. Humans endure sociological development to form their sexual orientation as well as any possible processes. We can't fight our own nature.