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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Do you admire people who pride themselves in doing whatever they can get away with, and think evading or breaking social rules and expectations makes them smart?

This discussion question hit home with issues I have seen in our generation. So many individuals won't do their jobs properly, break laws, and do unacceptable things just because they can. Sometimes they do these things  because no one is looking, other times it is because they simply do not care because they know there will be little to no repercussion. This drives me absolutely insane. Granted in my line of work acting in this way prevents you from advancing to higher positions. However, in other professions, if lacking integrity goes unnoticed (which is frequent), then these individuals can ascend to high levels of power. I now of a person who is Superintendent of a school system who was previously a basketball coach. While he was a coach he allowed the girls on his team to physically abuse one of their teammates. He did this because they were the ones with "big parents" in the county. The abused individual did everything she could to get it stopped and handled but she was shut down at every attempt. It never should have happened. He should have had much more integrity, but because he did not, the young girl lost her passion for basketball and many other aspects. Things lesser and worse than this happen on a daily basis, because our generation ( as well as the one directly before us) lack integrity as a whole. *I am not saying every single person lacks integrity but it seems as though the vast majority does. (H1)

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  1. I find that integrity is important, but we must recognize that the system is designed in many ways to screw us over. That's a piece of advice that was handed to me by my Religious Studies mentor. As far as manipulating your fellow man to achieve your goals, I agree that this is immoral, however, manipulating a system that doesn't allow one to achieve his or her goals, I cannot condemn that.