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Sunday, November 27, 2016

One Last Weekly Esay (H3)

Well it's the last week of class.  I have kept up with thee things through out the whole semester so I might as well do one more just for completions sake.  So what am I going to talk about since we haven't any homework. O wait, we do!  it's to study for that final exam of ours on Monday.  So that make our homework everything since the last test.  Okay then lets go a step further and just reflect back on the whole semester.  For me this has been a very enlightening and fulfilling class actually.  Before I did know something of philosophy, Plato and St. Augustine mostly. I didn't really know philosophy though. This class has helped me get a deeper understanding and a more comprehensive knowledge of philosophy.  As you all know, I am a critic of Rebecca Goldstein's Plato at the Googleplex, but I thoroughly enjoyed friend Russel's History of Western philosophy, which I found not only enjoyable to read but enlightening and I plan to read it in full.  Some of the presentations in class earlier in the semester were very interesting, and thanks to the Harry Potter group because now I know why my friends have always been telling me I am a Hufflepuff.  I also soon get the results of a little pet project of mine.  I've been counting how many times Professor Oliver mentions William James by name this semester.  So far it's around fifty or so I think.  I cannot say I haven't enjoyed this class or that I won't take away a new love of philosophy from this semester. 

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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