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Monday, November 21, 2016

Money, Fame, and Power

When it comes to happiness, I believe that money has nothing to do with it. Yes,  it can help bring you things that give happiness, but they don't give happiness themselves. For example, a dog can bring happiness. Money can buy the dog, but it is still the dog that brings joy to the owner. Fame is similar because fame is not what brings happiness, it is what comes with fame. The attention and everyone knowing your name. Fame is just a gateway to these things that bring joy, not what brings joy itself. However, power is different in my opinion. Power in itself can bring happiness. Many people get pleasure purely from the fact that they are powerful. That they are more powerful than others. The power to influence others, the power to subdue others. Pure power. That can bring happiness to some people and most people actually crave this power and are in fact unhappy without it, even if it is just a small amount. The only problem with the belief that power can bring happiness is that power can also bring unhappiness in that if you have too much power and become corrupted, you will always want more power to make you happy thus never ensuring your happiness because you will always want more and more. So while money and fame do not directly bring happiness to people, I believe power does to some extent.

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  1. (H3) This is where reading Plato can be very enlightening. Power it's self doesn't bring happiness. You think it does but thought who have power are constantly in fear of loosing it, since they feel that they will be unhappy without it. So they are in constant fear of loosing it which keeps them from truly being happy