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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


While reading the chapter "Plato on Cable News", I found myself agreeing more and more with Plato. I actually disliked McCoy greatly. I feel  lot of what Plato was saying dealt with having integrity. For one instance, when McCoy said he would be a tyrant if he could get away with it, it made me cringe. People should not want to do things like that; they should have more integrity. There was also another major point in their conversation that made me dislike McCoy. McCoy wanting to pretty much control everyone with his influence bothered me. Although it fits with his wish to be a tyrant, I feel this could be worse than tyranny. Not only would he be a tyrant with this immense influence but he would be an un-fought tyrant, because everyone would agree with him. Over all McCoy was trying to make Plato feel small and unintelligent in their entire conversation. He was doing so fruitlessly too. Plato was stating mostly his philosophies, so McCoy telling him they were completely wrong was a waste of breath. McCoy was simply trying to prove he was better than the great Plato, and not actually have a decent discussion. (H1)


  1. That McCoy reminded me of all the evil characters in movies and anime. His views were very tyrannical. We should give him credit for not turning Plato's mic off, like he said he wanted to though. He at least heard Plato out. Still, he is a di_k.

    1. (H3) ... Well I'll be your right. Now that I think about it he reminds me of some of the Yugioh villains who were on the show back when I watched it. That probably says something about the human perception of character that across cultures we can still generate such common conceptions.