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Monday, November 28, 2016

Relationships in the Workplace

     We talked about relationships with students and teachers but what about relationships in the workplace in general? Relationships in the work place are a complicated situation. Adults should have the freedom to choose who they want to be in a relationship with, but relationships should not influence whether an employee has a bias over another. Situations such as coworker relationships and student/teacher relationships are issues which have been controversial as long as they have been around. People both support and are against them and many different factors determine whether they are acceptable or not. A big issue of relationships in a workplace is if an employee is dating another coworker who is their boss. This situation can cause controversy and issues among other coworkers because they will be upset due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to not have a preference towards the person you're dating and helping them more than another person if you are their superior. If a boss was dating a worker whom he was in charge with and gave them a promotion or more benefits than another person then the relationship has clearly become an issue. Another big issue in relationships in a workplace is that it makes it more difficult for work to get done because having your significant other at your work can be motivation but typically ends up being a large distraction. I am personally aware that if my girlfriend was at my work that I would still get my work done and do it well, but I would have the temptation of wanting to talk to her and spend time with her more. Overall, relationships in the workplace tend to be more negative than positive in the issues that can possibly arise from them. Every relationship depends upon the certain circumstances but more often than not, relationships in the workplace would not be the most appropriate.


  1. I have to incorporate my personal opinion on relationships in the workplace. I believe it is a bad idea altogether because it could create dissent for a couple and even darken the mood of the whole environment in general, making workdays worse for the people around them. For those of you who are in a workplace relationship, good luck to you, I hope it work out because i find that a persons worst can come out when they are at work.

  2. There is another issue with employees-boss relationships. There is a power imbalance and many times the employee can feel force into and trapped in a relationship with someone who has any sort of power over them.