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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Philosophies

Today is the last day of classes which means no more philosophy for this girl! Well, except for this last essay. All year we have read and learned about the thoughts and teachings of  great philosophers. I have learned so many different types of philosophies and now, only one question remains. What is my philosophy? I thought this was going to be a breeze to write about, but now that I'm here typing it, its become a challenge... There are so many thing I could say are my philosophy but I'm not sure I would be satisfied summing up how I live my entire life with just one. Like I've learned in class, there are so many. I feel I could only benefit by having more than one to guide me through life.   
My dream since I was a child has always been to become a doctor. For most of my childhood, (and even sometimes now) people always said that I would grow out of it or I won't like it. There is way too much schooling for it. It cost a lot of money. The hours are way to long. Or it won't be what I expected. I have heard these way more than I care to think about but they never rendered my career choice. I'm still set on becoming a doctor and slowly crawling my way to the finish line. There are many reasons I want to become a doctor, it deals a lot with science especially biology which is the most interesting subject to me by far, the demand for doctors is high and unemployment wouldn't be too much of a worry and the pay wouldn't be so bad either but none of these are the main reason I want to be a doctor. The main reason I chose my career is because I would get to go to work everyday and help people. I could single handedly make some else's day better just by seeing them for a few hours. I don’t just mean helping there illness or injury but helping them over all. I can give them emotional support just as well helping to relieve their pain. I feel helping others is something everyone should live by.  
There is so much anger and grief in the world that a little kindness is definitely needed. Its kind of alarming to me to see all of these videos online of people ignoring others who need help or just being cruel for no reason. And on the other had its also alarming to see videos go viral for someone doing a small act of kindness. I mean don’t get me wrong, it makes me happy to see someone doing a good deed, but has it really become so rare for someone to show kindness that when it is shown people freak out over it. I'm not saying good deeds should be unnoticed but these acts should be way more common.  
Its always a goal of mine to go out of my way to help someone else everyday. Its something I've been doing for the last few years now and to be honest its always one of the brightest parts of my day.  Helping others could be doing small things like donating to a cause, holding a door open for the person behind me or even simply helping someone who dropped a pen on the ground next to me. Just doing something as simple as those things once or a couple times a day brings satisfaction to me. 
 My main inspiration for why I'm so big on helping others is because of all the generosity my family and I have received through out my life. Growing up my mom single handedly had to raise me and my  three siblings. With my mom working a full time job and basically doing everything by herself, on more than a few occasions money was tight. I can remember once as a child, where it came to the point of my mom trying to decide  paying the bills or buying us food for the week. Luckily, it never had to actually come to that because of the kindness and generosity people showed to my family and I. With out people reaching out to lend us a helping hand once in a while, I don’t know how things would have turned out. I look back at those times and I'm thankful everyday that others had the compassion to go out of there way to help us. Experiencing growing up like that has definitely opened my eyes to the struggles that other people are facing. Witnessing how helpful people were to me gave me the drive to help others in anyway I can. Kindness is definitely a chain reaction. Seeing it and doing it usually cause others to do it as well. 
If more people showed compassion to one another the world would be a better place. There'd be no bullies or evil people ruing around causing the world to be the way it is now. Maybe if Hitler was shown compassion World War Two wouldn't have happened. Hitler could've been a great artist if only they had let him into art school. Little acts of kindness can have a huge effect on the world.   
The most common way is to give a helping hand to someone in need. This can be performed by anyone at anytime. Simple acts like holding the door for someone or by helping someone pick up there things that they might have dropped. Simple acts like these can change someone's day for the better. These and many more are the reason I chose helping others as my philosophy.  


  1. "Today is the last day of classes which means no more philosophy for this girl!" - Well, I guess I've failed. You were supposed to want to say you can't wait to continue your philosophical education and your own philosophizing. Or at least Bioethics.

    But, I see that you do in fact have a philosophy: altruism. Uncanny, your revealing that right after the preceding essay on the same subject. Looks like you & Allison have a common collaborative theme for your next installments. (Not too common, though, please.)

  2. By no more philosophy for this girl I meant the actual class( I didn't mean to sound so excited, I actually enjoyed this class very much.) I don't feel philosophy is something you can go with out doing in your lifetime... I feel it's an instinctually thing to do for most people. In some way or another a person is taking in what they see and trying to find a way to explain it which is in my opinion what philosophy is about. So don't worry I will go on philosophizing for a long time! You didn't fail in the least!

  3. Your life philosophy is one I wish more people had. I like to see the world the way you do. Helping people is something that brings me so much joy in life. I agree with you, that compassion would lead our world towards being a better place. There's so much worry about getting returns for what you do. So much so, that it is rare to find people doings acts of kindness just to be kind.

    Good luck on your journey to becoming a doctor! I think your compassion will help push you through the hard times that all those people say you will face.