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Thursday, November 10, 2016

H1 Ignorance is Bliss

Well, if everyone's weighing in on the election I suppose I'll open up about it as well. I personally didn't vote for either of the major party candidates, as I value my ideals too much to sacrifice them under the false premise that you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. However, given a hypothetical need for an absolute, I would begrudgingly prefer Trump over Clinton. I'm sure you're saying "but why would you prefer a narcissistic, bigoted misogynist under any circumstances?" Well, that's just it, isn't it? Trump is a huge ass hole (pardon my French), and he doesn't care who knows it. As such, he's straightforward and... predictable. He doesn't try to hide any of his motives because he doesn't think he needs to. There's still a major Democrat presence in the House and the Senate, and he's practically been disowned by the GOP; he is literally not getting any ridiculous proposals through congress. On the other hand, you have a candidate who had already pulled every political string at their disposal. One who rigged the primaries and didn't even do a good job of hiding it, not that anybody seemed to care. One who pays little heed to policy because they think that they can win strictly through identity politics. One whose secrets and hidden power plays people have conveniently turned up dead for supposedly knowing. And yes, the emails are harped on more frequently than is necessary, but one would be a fool not to realize that something shady was going on, to say the least. Even the liberal god Obama told everybody years ago (in a primary contest which was ironically just as vicious as the election this year, if not more so) that she would "say anything and do nothing" among other things, to which she responded by calling him a slum-lord and other various racially charged insults. But I suppose it's all perfectly fine now that Obama magically reversed his position so as to portray her as a saint. As long as his party stays in power, he doesn't care what happens when he leaves office, and none of his followers care about the motives behind his actions. So why did Hilary Clinton have so many supporters, aside from the obvious ones that simply want a female president and don't care who it is? Because ignorance is bliss. The world today is a place full of people who break down and cease to function when they reach a challenge in life. Instead of meeting their problems head on and coming out of it stronger for having done so, they are content to accept mediocrity in their own personal lives, even if they claim to be creating a better society on a grand scale. People don't want the candidate whose degenerative traits will be nullified by our checks and balance system; people are more content to accept corruption as long as they don't have to hear about it. After all, it's ok to have a president with an insidious will who tries to cover it up, as long as we don't get the one who doesn't mind hurting our little progressive feelings, right? I for one would rather deal with an annoying pain that can be abated or ignored than a poison that kills me from within but tells me not to worry about it. And, if nothing else, having such an openly terrible person as a president will force the emotional weakness that permeates modern society out. People will come to realize that becoming offended by everything and breaking down and crying over confrontation is the opposite of what it takes to combat the harsh realities of life. So stop being so dramatic, wallowing in sorrow and self-pity because of election results. Get up, control your emotions, and stand defiantly against the man you consider to be evil. Encouraging a frail, sheltered mindset over a thick enough skin to continue to function when the going gets rough will get you nowhere in life. Life sucks sometimes. Deal with it.

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  1. Although Machiavelli believed that rulers should do what they deem necessary, even if it involves deceiving the people being ruled in order to archive an effective government. I, on the other hand, agree with you that it's better to have someone who is straightforward about their actions and beliefs when those actions impact a large mass of people. A true democracy involves the people, so deceiving them for the sake of being an "effective ruler" violates the definition of a democracy and should be uninvited in our society. The brutal truth is better than a thousand sweet lies. Go Trump! Even if he is an ass hole. (Also excuse my French)