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Thursday, November 10, 2016

If I had the Ring of Gyges

I'd love to be invisible at will. From a rational perspective, I'd only want someone with a strong moral character and high level of discernment and intelligence to have such a power. But from an entirely selfish perspective, I'd love to be able to be invisible, both because it's fun, and because with enough ingenuity, I could probably pull off some of the greatest earthly feats anyone has ever dared. And they would probably be entirely selfish, at least until I exhausted myself with my own enjoyment and realized I could change the world for the better somehow. And then I'd have to be a whole lot more ingenuitive once again.

But how can I possibly predict what myself or anyone else would do with a ring of invisibility? It's practically impossible to say. Someone with that kind of power would be able to scheme the most destructive and consequential series of events imaginable, or they could probably find a way to help many people in some way. Who knows.

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  1. I think it's not as much about what you would do, but what you wouldn't do. With the power of invisibility, it would be much harder to resist temptation of evil than say other powers eg golemn in lord of the rings. H3