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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

More Republic at the Googleplex (H3)

In our reading for Wednesday we had ourselves a little debate between two fictional authors and a very dead one, Plato. I had a few different directions I wanted to go with this at first but I remembered what I had observed when the late great Plato was at the Googleplex and I was not disappointed.  The pattern continues, but this time not in the form of a scene from Republic, but a concept.  Plato, in Republic, tells us that each person’ soul is composed of three parts.  The lion, the hydra, and the man.  These parts correspond to his parts of the perfectly ordered city, which are spirit, the appetites, and wisdom, all three of which are embodied in our panel.  Now the most obvious of these is our Warrior Mother Ms. Zee.  She is a powerful, driven, personality who seems willing to do anything to gets what she wants out of life, and out of her children’s lives.  This is that mystical quality of spirit, it’s drive, competitive nature, that force that pushes people to excel, even if it pushes them to extremes. Doctor Munitz is, though this might be a bit surprising, the appetites.  This is less direct but you see it in the way she tries to belittle everyone at first.  Self-appreciating, self-glorifying, and self-absorbed.  She is basically concerned with pleasure and getting it for herself, or, in her book, children. Finally, we have Plato, I do not need to explain why he represents wisdom in his personal character, but he does in a much more important way.  He reigns in both Zee and Munitz, just as wisdom is the only thing that can control and keep in balance spirit and appetite.

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