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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peripatetic & TIB Quiz

Hoping we don't need to use this one, and will begin crowd-sourcing our daily quizzes from your FQs from now on. But if we need it...

1. What was the name of Aristotle's school?

2. Did peripatetic philosophy entirely cease, with the destruction of Athens in 267 A.D.?

3. Who are John Man and Robert MacFarlane?

4. Who started "This I Believe," and who brought it back?

5. What does TIB invite citizens to do?

6. What does Jay Allison say our time has in common with the '50s? (OR: What does he say we're not doing well?)

And some DQs:

1. Would you like to have attended Aristotle's school, Plato's, neither, or both? Why?

2. Do you consider yourself an active or a sedentary person, by preference? (If given a choice, on a lovely Fall day, would you rather stay in and play video games or go out for a walk/hike/run/bikeride/swim/etc.?)

3. What's the most memorable outdoor experience you've ever had?

4. Have you ever attempted to share your beliefs, convictions, core principles (etc.) in public? (If yes, would you say you did it in a spirit of evangelism and proselytizing, or in a philosophical way? What's the difference? And if no, why not?)

5. Are you a good listener? (Do you try to understand the points of view of those who disagree with your beliefs, or do you simply dismiss them as just wrong?)

6. Do you agree that we live in a time of intolerance and incivility, when it comes to dissenting points of view?

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