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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Section 9 Group 1 "42" 9/11

Today, we were visited by Adaysha and Damon (pardon any misspelling).  We mainly focused on death and doubt and created more in depth questions from them throughout the discussion.  We decided that we are not so much afraid of dying as how we will die.  None of us, for obvious reasons, wanted to die a painful death, but not many of us were that afraid of death itself.  We believed it to be irrational to be afraid of death because it would prevent us from living.  We also discussed how it is reasonable to doubt certain things, but it is possible to be certain of things in life.  For example, it is possible to doubt what is going to happen the next day, but we can be certain that the chairs we sit in will hold us up.  We would like to thank Adaysha and Damon for contributing to our discussion!


  1. FQ:
    1)T or F: Stoics believed that emotions cloud reasoning and damage judgement
    2) T or F: Stocks' ideal was to live a life of recluse away from other people
    3)What is Euthyphro dilemma?
    4)T or F: For Kant the motive of an action was far more important than the action itself and its consequences
    5) T or F: Kant thought morality was a system of Categorical Imperatives

    1)Do you believe that soul lives forever?
    2)Do you believe consequences or actions are most important?
    3) Do we have complete control over our emotions? Can we?

  2. Here are some interesting links about Epictetus and Seneca from "History of philosophy podcast" :

  3. FQ:
    1. who was the most best-known Stoic?
    2. According to Seneca, how should we spend our time?
    1. Could you live like a stoic in today's time?
    2. what makes thing "right" and "wrong"?