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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Section 14 Group 1

Our group had a very successful conversation today. We started our discussion with the ideas of Nature vs. Nurture, and we included ideas such as foreign cultures as well as the literature of Lord of the Flies. We proceeded to move into the philosophies of mourning and stoicism in relation with the ideas of death and sadness. We ended by declaring that it is a instinctual motive to mourn a loss, and it is inappropriate to be stoic about  a mourning process.


  1. Also, the quiz questions are as follows:
    Who was the first well-known Stoic?

    What US fighter pilot did Epictetus teachings inspire?
    Vietnam fighter pilot named James B. Stockdale

    Where does the name “Stoic” come from?
    Stowell- Where the Stoics liked to hang out at

    Who was Seneca accused of having an affair with?
    The emperor's sister

    Who said “Life is short, Art is long”?

    What did Epictetus start out as?
    A slave

  2. FQ: What is the belief of Manichaeism?
    DQ: Is Euthanasia moral?

  3. Cody Marsh12:19 PM CDT

    FQ: Which philosopher argued that no fact leads to a value judgment: further argument is needed?
    DQ: Are there absolute/universal moral values, or are our morals based upon our society?

  4. FQ: What is the difference between Consequentialism and Deontology?
    DQ: Could evolutionary morality be possible with meta-ethics? (ie; Is this really this?)

  5. FQ: Who were the group of people who believed God wasn't supremely powerful?

    DQ: Why is evil allowed to happen in a world full of religion?