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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sec. 13 G-Squad

In class, we figured out how we are going to present our group topic to the class. We also discussed the DQ, "Do you think that a leader needs to be ruthless under circumstances?" Through the confusion of our debate (merciful ruthless leader, being poisoned by brothers) , we came to the conclusion that we each had different views on what ruthless meant and what the special circumstances could possibly be.


  1. FQ: What is the name of Hobbe's book that he wrote in 1651?

    DQ: Do you believe that in a state of nature humans are selfish, solitary, poor, and brutish? How do you justify your belief?


    1. DQ: I don't think so. Hobbes didn't believe in a soul so if I had the same opinion I see where he would get this idea of a selfish human. Having a soul means you have some sort of control over your physical desires to survival. Also since we are social creatures how can our state of nature be the complete opposite to our strength as a species.

  2. FQ: T/F Hobbes believe in the soul?
    DQ: Do you believe in an authoritarian policy? Why or why not? Are there times it is needed?
    Link: http://celeronpaigesrocketmail.thoughts.com/posts/because-i-like-calvin-hobbes-it-s-because-i-most-certain-do-ouuuu
    About the comic and the philosophers significance in it.