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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Section 10 Group 1 9/23

Today during discussion time in class, our subgroups talked more about the midterm project. After most people felt confident they were on the right track with their groups, we jumped into a discussion starting with how we see animals. We all agreed that animals can feel pain. A good point was made that although animals can feel and have feelings, they don't have emotions as we do. Another point that was brought to light was if a bear were to kill a human, you can't punish it because it can't understand the reasons behind that punishment as you can with humans. The bear did that out of natural instinct, which plays a major role in the life of animals because they are never taught any different, such as to have morals or laws stopping them from killing things/people that they see as dangerous. We further discussed this and different examples of how this applies.

We wrapped up our discussion with the powerful question, "If God is all-knowing, is free will then an illusion?" The views varied. We decided it all really depends on how you view God and your perspective on the "all-knowing" aspect. All in all, we had a really productive and awesome discussion today! 


  1. FQ:
    What was Anselm and Aquines nationality? Answer: Italian
    Do you agree with reverse discrimination?
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  2. FQ: Aquinas stated that belief in (Christian) theology can be "proved by reason without any appeal to an alleged revelation". What did he call this?
    A. Natural Theology

    DQ: Does the end justify the means?

    Link: Came to this article through a long chain of links but I thought it explored some interesting points.
    Philosophy is missing women and color.


  3. FQ: Gaunilo agreed with Anselm's argument about the existence of God.
    A: F

    DQ: Can equality truly be achieved without everyone's cooperation?
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YQPLepzCYU

  4. FQ:
    Name one of the Five Ways that demonstrated that God exists according to Aquinas.
    The First Cause Argument

    Do you believe in the idea of Equal Distribution of Money? Why?

    A friend in another course is discussing this idea of a black box in her philosophy course. I found it to be interesting, and it also sort of fits in with this whole philosophy in politics idea.