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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Section 9 Group 3 09/09

Today we talked about happiness and whether or not it requires a long life to be happy. Many people in the group agreed that it doesn't take a really long life to be happy, but it does take some time to figure out what makes you happy. Everybody had a chance to explain what happiness means. Everyone had great answers and there were no wrong answers. The answers ranged from finding yourself to materialistic things that would make one happy. There was also a question about if there was a difference between short-term happiness and long-term happiness, and we ultimately agreed that is was. 


  1. RIght! - "it does take some time to figure out what makes you happy"... and then to figure out how to help the other people in your life achieve the same insight in their own case. And Aristotle's view that the eudaimonia of loved ones is inseparable from our own is (in my experience) correct, even if overstated.

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM CDT

    Epicurus was born on what Greek island?
    What did Epicurus’ philosophy school come to be known as?

    Would you consider yourself a skeptic?

    Link: http://www.epicurus.info

  3. FQ's:
    1. Name one of Epicurus' cures to fearing death.
    2. Name one difference between atheism and non-realism

    1. Has any miracles occurred in your lifetime? If so, explain what qualified them as a miracle.
    2. Do you think we as humans should rely more on our senses or less like Pyrrho?


  4. DQ
    1. Is it rational to fear death?
    2. Do you think that non-Realists should be considered Christian or Athiest?

    1. From whom is the Gambler's Argument derived from?
    2. What is one of the criticisms of Epicurus's cures to fearing death?


  5. DQ: What makes an action right or wrong ?
    FQ: What's one difficulty with Christian ethics ?


  6. FQ:
    1) Epicurus believed that philosophy should be (practical/impractical)?
    2) What was one of the three questions Pyrrho formed to anyone who wants to be happy?
    1) After reading about the different arguments of the existence of God , have your views changed? Do you agree with any of the arguments?