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Thursday, September 25, 2014

section 10, group 2 Kant Touch This

Today we first talked about our midterm projects, and made sure each group knows what they are doing and our individual roles. Then we broke into smaller groups. One group went outside and we discussed protest and how useful certain forms of protest really are. We also talked about Anselm and if his argument for God's existence is valid or not.

-Kayla Karlovic


  1. Factual Questions:
    1) Machiavelli believed that a true prince needed to have what?
    2) What two animals did Machiavelli say a leader should learn from?

    Discussion Questions:
    1) How do you believe a ruler should rule? Through honesty and integrity? Or is is sometimes okay for a ruler to be sneaky and dishonest?
    2) Which do you think is better, positive freedom or negative freedom?
    3) Is civil disobedience a useful means of bringing about change?



    1. Is there one certain way that a ruler should rule? Should there literally be a standard, or should it differ upon leadership tactics and personality? Just a thought.

  2. Kristopher Rollins5:07 PM CDT

    FQ: (T/F) Machiavelli formed his views after long conversations with political leaders.
    DQ: Is it acceptable to use Machiavellian tactics during parenting?
    Link: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887323646604578400804035071688

  3. FQ:
    What famous article did Isaiah Berlin write? (Two Concepts of Liberty)

    What are your thoughts on positive and negative freedom? Are you ever really free over yourself? Is there a self-realization process?


  4. Brittney Tate

    FQ: 1. According to ____________ sometimes it is better to tell lies, break your promises and even murder your enemies.
    - Niccolo Machiavelli
    2. (T/F) Aristotle wrote The Prince.
    - False
    DQ: 1. What are your thoughts on retributivism?

    Link: http://www.biography.com/people/niccol%C3%B2-machiavelli-9392446

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  6. Section 20 group 2 hayley mengaziol and aubrey kramer
    Fq: Machiavelli worked as a diplomat before he was a political theorist (t/f)

    Who was appointed Secretary to the second chancery

    Dq: Do you think it's better to lie and cheat rather than be honest?

    Should negative or positive freedom be increased?


  7. FQ: What is virtù?
    A: the Italian word for 'manliness' or valour.

    DQ: Machiavelli said thg sometimes it is better to tell lies, break your promises and even murder your enemies. Do you agree with this?

  8. FQ: Where is Machiavelli from?
    Florence Italy

    DQ: When is it ok to disobey ones own land's laws.

    Link: http://www.historyguide.org/intellect/machiavelli.html