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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Section 13 group 3 outside 9/24/14

Today we had a peripatetic discussion about our group projects and how we are going to collaborate our PowerPoints on prezzi. Shania is responsible for helping everyone figure out how to do the online  work. Patty is doing Dwight from the office and gandolph from The Lord of the rings. Shania is doing Homer Simpson and aslan from narnia. Alex is doing princess peach and is still deciding on his other character. Melissa is doing yoda from Star Wars and the joker. Amanda is doing Roseanne and is still decidng the other one. We then discussed out views on our voting system and whether or not it is beneficial. We also talked about what life would be like if we were all equal financially.


  1. So... a couple of corrections because I'm an ass about this. "Prezzi" is Prezi. One z. Yep I know. F*** me right? Also, I was right today. It is spelled Gandalf. So your 'gandolph' just looks like it would be a really wise dolphin. There are countless other errors in this, but I just thought I'd let it be known just how much of a douchebag I am when I read our friendly posts. So I am smarter than you people and yeah. Knowledge is power, bitches.

  2. Also, umm...maybe I can get 2 runs for 2 comments...? Totally. So watch this video. And be 'thoughtful.'

  3. FQs:
    What famous book did Machiavelli write?
    In Machiavelli's opinion what should all leaders have?
    What would qualify as a bad civil disobedience since they all break the law?
    In some cases is murder justifiable?

  4. Also don't forget to text or email me your emails that you guys used to set up your prezi accounts.

    1. I'll just put mine right here. I don't know how you're gonna use this technology to do this shizz, you lil genius, but its alexold51@yahoo.com

    2. Also, not that it matters a whole lot that i say it here, but my second person is, in fact, going to be Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.

  5. FQ: Where was Machiavelli born and brought up?
    DQ: Was Machiavelli right in thinking that all people are fundamentally selfish?

  6. FQ:TF Machiavelli said "La fortuna e una donna" (fortune is a woman)
    DQ:what are your thoughts on religious wars?

    Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/philosophy/comments/mdy1b/what_would_machiavelli_have_to_say_about_the/