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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Section 14 group 3

Today we had a discussion on why God allows evil in the world when he is powerful enough to banish it. We also discussed about if feelings were taken away from the world will it end universal suffering. And if yes, is it a good thing or bad thing.


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM CDT

    (Kelton Jones)
    DQ: How do you conceptualize God ?

  2. Timmy Vongrassamy 1411:14 AM CDT

    FQ: (T/F) According to the implausible theory, if an animal has a mind, then it can feel pain.

    DQ: Do you believe in the Human Evolution?

    Link: http://humanorigins.si.edu/resources/intro-human-evolution

  3. Section 14-3

    FQ: What was the name of the King who sent Boethius to prison and eventually death?

    DQ: If you knew this was your last day on earth how would you spend it?


  4. Anonymous1:24 PM CDT

    (Jordan Turner)
    FQ- what is a paradox?
    DQ- what is your view on the treatment of animals?

  5. Once again, my group didn't post anything: (Sec. 14, Group 2)

    FQ: Where does Philosophy say Boethius can find true happiness?

    DQ: Do you think that animals feel the same kind of pain that humans feel?

    Link: http://youtu.be/zZc1HnOCtSk

  6. Section 14, grouo 2.

    FQ: Who did the woman in Boethius' book turn out to be?

    DQ: Do you believe that animals have souls?

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHihkRwisbE

  7. FQ:What historically significant philosopher did not believe that animals could feel pain?

    DQ:Since other animals hunt and kill each other daily, do you think that it is immoral for humans to hunt animals for game?