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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Section 10, Group 1 (the Philosophers) 09/18/14

Today we split ourselves into groups for the midterm project. We also discussed life and at what point (i.e. Being in a vegetable state) does it become not worth living? Most of the group agreed that at that helpless point in life, life is pretty useless. I have been thinking and might also challenge this: what about babies born with physical or mental disability? This can sometimes be similar in the ways they are helpless and doomed to a life without social activity or personal growth. What about those lives?

On a totally different note, if you're a geek like me, you might enjoy this RadioLab podcast (download the app, then listen). This one is short and gets kind of philosophical... Easy to listen to! Enjoy, and have an awesome weekend!




  1. FQ
    Did Aristotle think that animals were equal to humans or just a way of getting food transportation and skin? Answer: just a way of getting food transportation and skin
    Do you think animals have feelings?

    Related link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQCOHUXmEZg
    if you are brave enough and want a ride on the feelings express train click the link

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM CDT

    Peyton Tilley
    (1) Rene Descartes believed that animals lacked this one human aspect?
    -The soul
    (2) What is speciesm?
    (1) Do you think Boethius book philosophia is all metaphorical?
    (2) What do you think happiness should stem from?


  3. I (along with Dr. Oliver) also really enjoy Radiolab. Good taste you have!

    FQ: Boethius believes that God knows what we will do and our lives are predestined. T/F?
    A. F

    DQ: What are your views on animal welfare?

    Link: Here is a page about Temple Grandin and one of her books, "Animals in Translation". If you don't know about her, you should check this out.


  4. FQ: What was Boethius' crime?
    DQ: Is luck completely out of our control? Or is that just how it seems?
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Humem_z7EXM

  5. For my Wednesday Literature class, we are reading chapter one from Boethius' book he wrote while imprisoned! Thought it was pretty neat how it lined up so well with this reading.

    Because Descartes believed that animals have no souls attached to the physical body therefore can't feel/experience pain, what would he do to animals for the advancement of science?

    Quoted in the Boethius chapter, " If we can't choose what to do, then how can God decide whether or not we shall go to heaven?" How do you feel about the arguments made about free will and God being "all-knowing"?

    Link: I'm an animal lover and this video was pretty awesome to me!

  6. FQ:
    What was the name of the woman who appeared to be looking down at Boethius in his book?
    Philosophy or Philosophia

    Do you believe that animals have rights?

    Link. We were talking about this video in my Media class, and I thought it sort of fit in on this whole animals and feelings discussion. If an animal (like this dog) instinctually pushed water on to a dying fish, does this prove that animals do think and feel? Or was it just coincidental?

  7. FQ: What was Boethius's full name?
    Ancius Manlius Severinus Boethius

    DQ: If God know the past, present and future why do you think he still hasn't brought final judgement upon the world