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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Section 9 Group 1

Today we did not get to the discussion questions.  We spent the entire time talking about the midterm project.  Jason, Seta, and I were originally were going to do "This I Believe" essays with Jordan.  Now we have decided to do a music video with the philosophies of the philosophers we have already discussed thus far. (Surprise Jordan!) The other half of our group is doing the philosophies of various super heroes as a live skit.


  1. What triggered our idea is a video on YouTube named "after ever after" which is a Disney parody. We haven't decided yet whether our midterm project will be on a specific philosopher or many of them, but we know it is going to be so much fun.

  2. Well, I'm super excited for my group's project!! I mean, how cool is it to dress up like a superhero and talk about them? Pretty cool if you ask me!
    1. what is equality in employment largely motivated by?
    2. Who was the Italian saint who outlined the Five Ways?
    1. In America, we are considered free, but is that really the case for the majority of American citizens? How can we change it?
    2. Should we have religion based or logic based decisions in today's society?

  3. We talked extensively on the group projects and set up a day to meet up before our presentation day. We also signed up for different times and days to present.
    1. (T/F) Anselm thinks that without belief it is impossible to understand.
    2. According to Samuel Scheffler, what has more meaning to us than our continual survival and along with the survival of our loved ones?

    1. Do you sympathize with Anselm's belief that you can't understand anything without first believing it?


  4. Fq's:
    1. T or F. Anselm would agree that the idea of God proves his existence.
    2. What is a priori argument?
    1. Do you believe in infinite regress, or does everything we know have a finite origin?
    2. What do you believe is the "uncaused cause?"