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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Section 9 Quiz 9/25/14

  1. (T/F) Anslem would agree that the idea of god proves his existence.  True
  2. According to Samuel Scheffier, what has more meaning to us than our continual survival and the survival of our loved one?  Continued existence of life on earth
  3. Did Guanilo agree with Anselm's reasoning of why God exists? No
  4. Those who argue  for some form of equality are know as? Egalitarians
  5. The name of Anselm's (depending on who you ask) ridiculous argument is? Ontological argument
  6. Name a philosopher critical of democracy for not fostering genuine popular participation    Karl Marx


  1. Section 9; Group 3:
    FQ: What are the two main types of freedom in politics?

    DQ: When is it morally acceptable to break a law in today's times?

    Link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/machiavelli/

    Notes on discussion held Thursday, September 26:
    Our large group (group 3) divided into our midterm groups, and our group decided to take a peripatetic walk as we discussed our project. Mainly, we went over our parts for when we presented and unanimously agreed that we should be one of the last groups to go because of how awesome our project will be.

  2. Section 9 Group 1 (42):
    1. What kind of quality did Machiavelli praise in a leader?
    2. According to Machiavelli, a wise prince must do what to serve the public interest?

    1. What qualities should a leader have? Is there more than one or should all leaders have at least a specific quality?


    1. FQ:
      1. Machiavelli's belief was that the end justifies the tools?
      2. What was the most important book of Machiavelli?

      1. Do you believe that sometimes the results are important than the tools used to achieve such results?
      2. What keeps someone from breaking the law?

    2. FQ:
      1. Who was the only leader who really impressed Machiavelli?
      2. Did Machiavelli believe in luck?

      1. As a leader, should you put the people first or your power first?
      2. Do the ends really justify the means?

      Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes implementing a Machiavellian attitude.

  3. Section 9 Group 2
    1. What does virtú mean?
    2. Other than "The Prince," what did Machiavelli write?

    1. Is it better to be feared than loved?
    2. Should a leader act in a way that Machiavelli described?