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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Section 13, Group 1

Today we discussed our thoughts on if children should be influenced at a young age to practice a certain set of beliefs. We agreed that a child should not be heavily influenced until they are old enough to understand what they want and who they are, because those things could possibly change as they get older.


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  2. FQ: Who is the woman in Boethius' book? (LH pg 41)

    DQ: In our book, Philosophy the basics, it proposes the question that if a chimpanzee and a child, of equal mental capability, were trapped in a burning building, and you could only save one, would it be wrong to save the child? What if the chimpanzee had a greater mental capability?


  3. http://mobile.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/b/boethius.html
    Quotes from boethius

    FQ: what was boethius' book?
    DQ: What do you think a God separate from time means?

  4. FQ: Boethius was one of the first Roman philosophers. T/F
    DQ: Do you think human life is the most valuable? Should we stand up for what can't speak for itself?